Thursday, 2 October 2008

The Busker’s Opera (2004)

The Busker’s Opera

Robert Lepage has directing, scenic artistic, playwriting, acting and film directing experience. He was born in Quebec in 1957 and formed ex-machina in 1993. Ex-machina is a company composed of actors, writers, set designers, technicians, opera singers, puppeteers, computer graphic designers, video artists, film producers, contortionists and musicians. Everyone from any background is welcome to share their experience and knowledge with the company.

The Busker’s opera was a new production for ex-machina. They adventured themselves into musical theatre by creating a play where a group of musicians, DJs and singers come together to put on the show. It was first performed in February 2004 at the Spectrum de Montréal as part of the Montreal High Lights Festival. In this play the company decided to ridicule foreign-language opera by subtitling the songs on a moving screen that also was used to film close-ups of the singers showing their facial expressions. This allowed all spectators to be a part of this musical experience. Another interesting technique in The Busker’s Opera is the dual role every performer had to take on. Indeed all performers in this play had to juggle between playing an instrument and singing up front.

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