Sunday, 5 October 2008

Week 3...

Hi All,

In week 3 I will be away in the afternoon, but I have set the task to watch the complete DVD of 'The Andersen Project' during class time (the video is approximately 2 hours). A register will be taken in my absence so it is essential that you attend as normal.

In addition to watching the video, I would also like you to read the following 3 reviews to build up a clearer picture of the critical responses to the work, which was staged at the Barbican in 2006.

We will begin week 4 by discussing these reviews as well as your responses to 'The Andersen Project' in some detail, so please ensure you have made notes about the areas of the production that interested you.


The Guardian
'The Andersen Project', Barbican, London
Review by Michael Billington
Monday January 30 2006

The Independent
‘The Andersen Project’, Barbican, London
‘Fairy tale with a Grimm streak’
Review by Paul Taylor
Tuesday, 31 January 2006

The British Theatre Guide
‘The Andersen Project’, Barbican, London
Review by
Philip Fisher

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