Sunday, 12 October 2008

Readings for week 4 (next week)...

Hi All,

There are 2 articles I would like you to have read before next class:

  • Theater sans Frontières: Essays on the Dramatic Universe of Robert Lepage. ‘Identity and Universality: Multilingualism in Robert Lepage’s Theater’ (pages 3-19)
  • Hamlet in Pieces, pages 95-149

I have photocopied both of these articles for you all and you will find them at the Main Office in Sutherland House (due to the size of the articles I will leave them in the office rather than outside in the trays - so please ask at the office and they will give you copies of both articles)

Please ensure you have read both articles before next week as we will be discussing them in class

Have a good week and see you next Monday,


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