Thursday, 2 October 2008

Vinci (1986)

  • 'Vinci' - (a hillside of olive trees) - The title of this play immediately delivers very dense visual impact. This is ironic as the narrator is a blind, Italian man in the original production. As audience members we are pushed away from the reassurance of an omniscient narrator and encouraged towards autonomy. This is an effective technique as it enables a more in-depth appreciation of language, meaning and de Vinci as an influential visual artist.
  • The use of the train as a visual tool to communicate the concept that “art is a vehicle” is intriguing because we are introduced to differing and controversial associations with both art and its ability of carry us.

* Leanne/Dorcas: Some really interesting research findings here, but what is the source for this information? It's really important at University level to always cite the original source of the information you are quoting...* - Liam

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